Sneazzy and Nekfeu : death threat against Pascal Praud in “Zero-Depth” ? The clip controversy

Sneazzy and Nekfeu : death threat against Pascal Praud in the title “Zero-Depth” ? The clip controversy

It is this Friday, march 6, that Sneazzy and Nekfeu have unveiled the music video for “Zero Detail” which marks their new artistic collaboration. Problem, this featuring gave birth to a violent punchline balanced against the moderator Pascal Praud that unworthy now of many web users.

Sneazzy and Nekfeu, the punchline that not pass

In order to promote “Nouvo Mode”, his new album, Sneazzy released this Friday, march 6, the clip Zero Detail, its title in featuring with Nekfeu. And clearly, when you listen to the lyrics, the duo has not made details at the time of writing. In addition to the one of the heads of Skyrock, “The producers talk about sex to minors as Romano“, it is simply let loose on a host tv.

In a punchline-balanced by Sneazzy – and backée by Nekfeu, it is possible to hear : “journalists making a mess of the islam, are lovers as Pascal Praud (sal*pe) / It deserves a bullet in the cerebellum (cerebellum), the gun on the back of the mouth (the mouth)“. A reference that does not come out of nowhere, the team of Pascal Praud regularly controversy when sensitive themes are addressed in the emission time of the Pros (CNews), in particular about muslims, but that was not without consequences.

Internet users shocked by the threat

And for good reason, many internet users – who are clearly more part of the far-right that the fan-base of the two rappers, are speaking out today against what they consider to be a threat of death. However, if there is no doubt that Sneazzy and Nekfeu do not want to get rid personally of the facilitator, or motivate their audience to do so, it is true that the phrase “deserves a bullet in the cerebellum, the gun on the back of the mouth” is particularly difficult to hear and might be considered as an attack.

At the present time, it is difficult to know if this title will have real impact, and in particular the judicial, since Pascal Praud has not yet reacted to the controversy. Nevertheless, it is enough to make one turn on Twitter to see that Sneazzy and Nekfeu find themselves at the centre of all the discussions this weekend…

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