Sneazzy and Nekfeu : Pascal Praud responds to their death threats in “Zero detail”

Sneazzy et Nekfeu : Pascal Praud répond à leurs menaces de mort dans "Zéro détail"

Nekfeu and Sneazzy : Pascal Praud responds to their death threats in “Zero detail”

Nekfeu and Sneazzy have created controversy with their sound Zero detail in which they violently attack the journalist Pascal Praud. Some viewers were shocked by their words. Today, it is the turn of the facilitator to CNews to respond to the threats of death of the two rappers.

After the nice success of the group in 1995, Nekfeu and Sneazzy be found on the song Zero detail, from the “Nouvo Mode”, the new album by Sneazzy. If most internet users were happy to see rappers together, others were particularly shocked by their attacks on a journalist from Skyrock and animator Pascal Praud : “journalists making a mess of the islam, are lovers as Pascal Praud (sal*pe) / It deserves a bullet in the cerebellum (cerebellum), the gun on the back of the mouth.” Ah yeah anyway !

“I try to think about responding to these threats.”

We had to wait until this Monday, 9 march 2020 to discover the reaction of Pascal Praud in the face of these threats. It is in the chronic time of the pros on CNews that it has responded to Sneazzy and Nekfeu : “I know quite a few rap, but I discovered this weekend a clip in which two rappers had offered me a rather cruel (…) I was extremely surprised. (…) It is a method of discussion quite speedy they offer me there. They told me that these words fall under the purview of the act. The death threats, that they have made, are punished severely, 5 years in prison and 45,000 euros fine. Today, I reflect on responding to these threats.

If the reporter was reluctant to lodge a complaint against the two rappers, he has finally decided not to give in to these attacks : “When you got a complaint, you make the pub to these people“, he confided in an interview with Tv Leisure. For its part, Canal+ has said that he is “offended by the words terrible” and did not want to “respond hot” as reported by Le Parisien.

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