Sneazzy reacts to his threats against Pascal Praud : “I do not want any violence”

Sneazzy réagit à ses menaces contre Pascal Praud : "Je ne souhaite aucune violence"

Sneazzy reacts to his threats against Pascal Praud : “I do not want any violence”

Since the release of their song Zero Detail, Sneazzy and Nekfeu are the subject of a controversy because of their lyrics rather violent against the journalist Pascal Praud. But the interpreter of Fire regular the provides : the verses of his have been “taken out of context” and “misunderstood.” The rapper says after the threats.

Journalists making a mess of the islam, are lovers as Pascal Praud (sal*pe) / It deserves a bullet in the cerebellum (cerebellum), the gun on the back of the mouth“, and sway Sneazzy et Nekfeu in their feat Zero Detail. These words were quick to debate on the social networks, but have mostly earned the two rappers to receive some attacks from internet users. Pascal Praud, him, has responded to these threats and has entrusted not to sue ex-members of 1995 : “When you got a complaint, you make the pub to these people.

“These verses, taken out of context, have been misunderstood”

In order to calm the situation, Sneazzy has posted a statement on Twitter to explain the real message that he wanted to spend it with these words : “I have discovered with amazement, in recent days, the misuse of the words of my song Zero Detail of which I am sole author. My friend Nekfeu has done me the honor to be with me on this title, it has not signed the words. These verses, taken out of context, have been poorly understood. They can ask, but I’m not here to aim or put in the ban that either.

The artist continues : “I denounce here some of the journalists who tend to éditorialiser their point of view, targeting very often, the same group of people. I represent them here through the figure of Mr Praud. It deserves a bullet in the Cerebellum. The canon at the bottom of the mouth. Jsuis Muslim and Jsuis proud of it. We will never mtraîner in the mud. It refers to my religion. I express here the hatred that may exist against the muslims, and the desire to silence them, all imaged by the metaphor of the ball in the cerebellum.

Sneazzy assures us : “I did, in any case, wanted to stir up hatred, or utter threats towards Mr Praud. I do not want any violence, since I denounced usually the one who can fall on the muslim community. I will fight always for that everyone has the right to freedom of expression. Because my only form of expression is my music, and my only weapons are my words. Peace and love.

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