Snezhana Babkina will turn into Alice in Wonderland: “It’s very exciting and very cool”

Снежана Бабкина превратится в Алису из Страны чудес: "Это очень волнительно и очень круто"

Snezhana Babkin, a photo theater “Beautiful flowers”

today, 03:15

Actress “Beautiful flowers” Snezhana Babkina will play a major role of Alice in the new funk-futuristic setting called “ALICE IN WONDERLAND”. The premiere will take place on 10 December in the Kharkiv Theatre and concert hall.

The plot of the play is based on the English fairy tale “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll. The production was a creative figment of Lewis Carroll absurdity of funk-futurism.

In this performance, the theater, which previously worked only in the dumb form, the first to speak, and even three languages!

“We had a very difficult but very exciting rehearsal process. This time we first speak! Before that, the theatre “Beautiful flowers” worked only in the wordless genre. Moreover, we will use three languages: Russian, Ukrainian and English. The Director of the play, our colleague at the scene Artem Usyk made his reading of history about Alice, and it, like the original, incredibly imaginative, with elements of choreography, vocals and stupidity (laughs). It’s a wild mix, through which is extremely interesting and at the same time is very difficult. After just a month left before the premiere, and the pace of preparation is now we got mad. And for the first time the scenery for our play will make a real architect Oleg Drozdov! He is from Kharkov, and is known worldwide. And it is the first such experience he’s never worked in theater and did the scenery for the performances, only designed buildings. So the scenery will be very unusual! This we have never done. It is very exciting and at the same time, very cool to realize it”, – said Snezana.

Recall Babkin showed looked like after childbirth.

As reported by the portal Znayu many children Babkin, together with his wife he had a son and showed it to the whole country.

The portal also Znayu wrote, Sergey and Snezhana official trailer first showed newborn son.

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