Snezhana Yegorova after a high-profile divorce married again

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Снежана Егорова после громкого развода снова выходит замуж

Snezhana Egorova

After a loud divorce of Snezhana Egorova and musician of Antin Muharsky, which was watched by the whole country, the Ukrainian TV presenter again announced their engagement. For an artist this will be the third marriage.

Why split the marriage of Snezhana Egorova and of Antin Muharsky, see the video:

Note that Egorova became the wife of Muharsk in 2006-m year, but nine years later their relationship turned into a public scandal. Snezhana even forbade ex-wife from seeing their three joint children, for which she was hit by a wave of abuse by ex-husband. Litigation between former spouses even came close to what the musician asked for political asylum in Europe.

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But over the years the passion has died down around the notorious couple, and now Snezhana Egorova shared with fans on the page in Facebook the happy news that leading is engaged to be married for the third time. No other details, the artist is not revealed.

Снежана Егорова после громкого развода снова выходит замуж

Representatives of the Ukrainian show business immediately reacted to this news. Very first the waiters congratulated the singer Mika Newton. But Irina Bilyk was extremely surprised, “And what would that be? Who is this brave man?”.

After Bilyk questions poured in from well-known producer Vladimir Bebeshko: “With who?! Why don’t I know? Why without my permission?”.

We have previously reported, Snezhana Egorova scandal, he resigned from the channel, then went to the hospital. Also we will remind, the daughter of Snezana Egorova shocked the American doctors.

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