So cute: Nastya Kamenskih touched by the network of sharing photos with Potapov

Star married couples continue to flirt with each other in Instagram

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Такие милые: Настя Каменских умилила сеть совместным фото с Потапом

Nastya Kamensky and Potap

After Potapov has posted explicit photos with Nastya Kamenskih, their fans, it would seem, is no surprise. But the celebrity couple proved the opposite. Before Kamensky moved his followers a selfie with her husband, or rather, flirting in the comments.

See the movie about the concert tour Nastya Kamensky in Ukraine:

So, on his page in Instagram Anastasia published a joint photograph with Alexey Potapenko. “I’ll come to you my sunshine”, signed post NK. In the comments to the photo Potapov answered favorite: “I wait for you, the frog is mine.” Note that the Anastasia he spoke in Israel, where, apparently, and waited for her beloved.

Fans of the pair reacted to such displays of affection: “it’s really cute!”, “You are beautiful”, “so touching!”, “Sun”, “All of this happiness.”

By the way, not so long ago Nastya Kamensky openly commented on the wedding invite. The singer admitted that until now receives congratulations from fans. “I have every day concerts and each of them receive from you, my dear fans, greetings from our farm event! We are really pleased to hear from you such warm wishes for happiness,” says Kamensky.

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