“So he…”: stricken with grief-stricken father of Jeanne Friske responded harshly Shepelevo after “fairy tales” for Sobchak

"Чтоб он...": разбитый горем папа Жанны Фриске жестко ответил Шепелеву после "сказок" для Собчак

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We remind our readers that the famous TV presenter, widower of Jeanne Friske Dmitry Shepelev gave a great and candid interview with Ksenia Sobchak. And just recently appeared in the media the reaction of the father of the late Jeanne, where Vladimir Friske told everything he thinks about Dmitry.

This became known thanks to the Russian media.

So, according to the presenter Vladimir Friske was a very difficult relationship with his daughter, allegedly the last two years they almost did not communicate. Dmitry said that the singer’s father threatened him with violence and threatened with a gun, demanding a meeting with the grandson of Plato.

"Чтоб он...": разбитый горем папа Жанны Фриске жестко ответил Шепелеву после "сказок" для Собчак

Dmitry Shepelev, Bimru

Vladimir Friske rushed to refute the words Shepeleva, calls him a liar and a sneaky person who hides her grandson and does not see him. The indignant man said that in fact they have a daughter was a warm relationship, and Dmitri she didn’t like and constantly avoided.

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“So he died after these words. My daughter the last two years, did not depart from each other. And she loved dad that mom more than anything. This Mr*trash she hated. All do not want this topic to say,” said the father of Zhanna Friske.

According to the father of Jeanne Friske Dmitry Shepelev rarely visited sick wife, and now all the cheats and hides grandson.

Recall that Shepelev had solved the mystery of the last years of his life, it is Called “Threatened to shoot”.

As reported Znayu shepeliev make the dream of his late wife Friske with another woman: preparation for the wedding is in full swing.

Znayu wrote newly-made bride Shepelev told how has changed the son of the late Friske.

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