“So underrated”, “really a nugget”… This time, no debate, this Netflix series is the real favorite of all subscribers!

"So underrated", "really a nugget". .. This time, no debate, this Netflix series is the real favorite of all subscribers!

By Ilana Levy Editor Ilana is a journalist passionate about films and series, but also and above all astrology. She grew up with Disney Channel and is certainly the future wife of Nick Jonas. His secret passion: crime documentaries on Netflix. In the Netflix ranking, after the long-awaited season 3 of Outer Banks and season 2 of Sex/Life, we find Entrevias, a Spanish series whose season 2 was released recently. The series, which looks quite like a telenovela, is wildly successful in France. With its scenario which focuses on the daily life of a popular neighborhood affected by drug trafficking, the series is so gripping that you will not see the episodes (which last 1h15) pass.

If you liked The Little Girl in the Snow, the Spanish series that moved us all to tears, you will definitely like Entrevias, also available on Netflix. In addition, you will find José Coronado, who plays Eduardo in the series. In Entrevias he has the main role, that of Tirso, a grandfather ready to do anything to protect his granddaughter, Irene. Season 2, which has just been released on Netflix, has a lot of reactions from fans who are very surprised at the twists.

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A family business gone wrong

This series tells the story of Tirso, a former soldier who runs a hardware store in a poor neighborhood. After an accident, he is forced to take care of his granddaughter Irene, a young girl who is out of control and who has very bad company. She quickly finds herself involved in a drug cartel. His grandfather will then do everything to make him change his path, even if it means standing up to the gang members.

Entrevias is a very realistic series since it highlights the violence in these neighborhoods controlled by the cartels. Some scenes are quite difficult to watch. In addition, it brings together all generations, everyone can identify with the choices made by Tirso or his granddaughter. It is surely for these reasons that it is such a hit on Netflix and that the comments are more than positive.

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A season 3 already ordered for Entrevias

Entrevias is well on the way to becoming THE series you must have seen. to be in the top 3 of the most watched series on Netflix, Internet users are more than delighted by the plot. “I liked it, it's a lot of twists“, “series below“, “it's enjoyable“, “my favorite series“, can we read on Twitter.

And if you want one more reason to see Entrevias, know that a season 3 has already been ordered by Telecinco, the channel that broadcasts the series in Spain. eight episodes and is said to be already filming, so it should arrive by next year on Netflix, so you have enough time to watch the first two seasons, who are already online!