Socayna killed by a stray bullet in her room in Marseille: a 16-year-old teenager indicted for “assassination”

Socayna killed by a stray bullet in her room in Marseille: a 16-year-old teenager indicted for “assassination”

Le suspect de 16 ans est connu des services de police. MAXPPP – Mylene Deroche

Nearly 5 months after the start of the investigation into the death of Socayna in Marseille, a 16-year-old teenager was arrested and indicted for "assassination" at the start of the week, the prosecution indicated on February 16, 2024.

Last September in the evening, in the Cité Saint-Thys in the 10th arrondissement of Marseille, Socayna, a young woman of 24 years old was seriously injured in the face by a stray Kalashnikov bullet while & #39;she was in her apartment. 

The suspect is known to the police

On February 16, the prosecution declared that a 16-year-old teenager was arrested at the beginning of the week as part of the investigation. The young boy was indicted for "organized gang murder" and "criminal association" according to Nicolas Bessone, the public prosecutor of Marseille, reports BFMTV. Three other people were arrested as part of the investigation and then released mid-week.

Known to the police, the suspect denies any involvement in the affair. During searches, the police with the support of the Raid found a Kalashnikov in the young man's partner's home as well as a 9mm pistol. The two weapons were seized, reports the Parisien.

The building was a deal point

On September 10, Socayna received a stray bullet in the head while she was in her apartment. Picked up by the firefighters at the end of the evening around 11:30 p.m., the young girl was transported to Timone hospital. She died in hospital two days later.

Investigations were carried out on the scene, after Socayna's death, by the police who found no less than 23 7.62 caliber cases and a 9mm caliber cartridge case. Furthermore, the building where the young 24-year-old student lived was a deal point in the Saint-Thys district.

A blatant investigation had been opened into the leaders of'"assassination" and "attempted assassination by an organized gang and criminal conspiracy with a view to committing a crime". The latter had been entrusted to the Marseille judicial police.

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