Soccer: another chapter of the Montreal-Toronto rivalry to write

Soccer: Another chapter in the Montreal-Toronto rivalry to write< /p> UPDATE DAY

CF Montreal players Alistair Johnston and Matko Miljevic spoke with reporters ahead of Wednesday's Canadian Championship semi-final game against Toronto FC at BMO Field, both said they were excited to approaching the game of the important game.

“I am very excited to face Toronto. I grew up following the rivalry from afar. […] Coming from Toronto, it’s an extra motivation,” admitted Johnston.

“It’s funny because I was never really a fan of Toronto FC. My love for the club never started, because they never recruited me or paid attention to me when I was young.”

The flag bearer also reflected on the last game, a 1-0 loss against Austin FC on Saturday, and the injuries to key players in the squad.

“This It's never easy to replace important players [Mihailovic and Miller]. Against Austin, we had a lot of players who hadn't played a lot of minutes this season. Not because they didn't deserve it, but because they just haven't had the opportunity yet.”

“Against Austin, we played a very good match against one of the best teams in the league. There are a few details that could have been done better, especially when it comes to creating chances. At the same time, with the changes in the squad, the guys hadn't necessarily all played together a lot. However, it will come with time and we will create a new chemistry.”

“We are one of the teams with the most depth in MLS, so I don't think the fact to have a few injuries is really going to have an influence. However, it is certainly sad to lose a defender who plays in the starting lineup of the Canadian national team.

Penalty shots?

< p>While Wednesday's match could end with a penalty shootout, the interview ended with a rather original question: “when was the last penalty taken?”

“ I was supposed to shoot last year with Nashville, but ultimately the shooter before me missed, so I didn't get the chance. If not, it must date back to two or three years ago. I missed, but that shouldn't be told to the coaches!”