Social distancing: the bar of a Tavern Midway ready to receive the customers

Distanciation sociale: le bar Taverne Midway prêt à recevoir les clients

If several owners of Montreal’s bars argue that social distancing is not possible in their schools, the co-owner of the Tavern Midway, Charles Landry, believes that it is just the opposite.

“I think my bar is far safer than many grocery stores and parks full of people,” says Mr. Landry.

Even if the government has not yet announced the date of reopening to the bars, Mr. Landry has taken the lead in putting in place several measures to comply with the rules of hygiene and social distancing.

“At Midway, the distance is not too much of a problem, because I have a capacity of 200 people. First, I moved each of the tables to six feet of one another. Then, I can have a capacity between 60 and 80 persons in compliance with a social distancing”, he explains.

Mr. Landry has also installed panels of plexiglas at the bar and in the kitchen, a system of waiting with cards at the entrance, an automatic dispenser of hand sanitizer at the entrance to the bar and to the toilet.

“We did a install of the kinds of brackets in the bottom of the door, to open the doors with feet instead of hands at the entrance to the bathrooms. In addition, there will be menus electronic. People do not have to connect to the wi-fi of the Tavern on their phone and plugging in, the menu will appear on their screen”, he says.

The shopkeeper expects, therefore, that the green light of the public Health to reopen his establishment, even if this involves the management of clients with in order to follow the rules.

“In the middle of the bar, one is accustomed to. COVID or not COVID, it is our responsibility as a bartender and it’s part of our business,” he said.

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