Social networks have fun puffy from binge Tsarev

Соцсети высмеяли опухшего от запоя Царева

Tsarev obviously drunk, according to the users of the Network.

The network actively discussing the new photos of the recently “dead” former “speaker of the Parliament of new Russia” Oleg Tsarev, reports the with reference to

Photo the controversial policy was published in Twitter “RoksolanaToday&Crimea”.

For example, recently published an interview Tsarev, which were illustrated with his pictures.

From this it follows, that the Tsar now lives in a sanatorium in Yalta in occupied Crimea.

“Look who died “the Former speaker of the Parliament of Novorossiya lives in the center of Yalta in a private sanatorium. Once it was the estate of princes Baryatinsky, but Oleg Tsarev, stole it from the nationalization, not like Prince. He is clearly tired and a little lost,” quotation”, – stated in the message to the photo.

While the images themselves Tsarev looks painfully weird and untidy. Besides, he wore a t-shirt with the logo “evening Dnepr”.

In addition, the review noted that Tsarev obviously drunk and that he is often seen in a drunken state.

“Yes, he’s on a Bender, aren’t I? Swelling and redness of the skin, red eyes. Lifted the body off the floor, put the pants, not tucked in to the end of the strap, and the first tee, brush forget it”, “He’s always drunk. Chronic. On Nabq thumps often”, “A new t-shirt for more than 4 years and not been able to buy, it is clearly still before the war, “Dnepr cave”, rogue” – write to the network.

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