Social networks ridiculed the plans of “Rosatom” to construct an unmanned Matranga

Соцсети подняли на смех планы «Роскосмоса» создать беспилотный медтрамвай

Such ambitions the Network is not impressed.

The head of the Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, who is under U.S. sanctions, told Russian media that the company “Invitro” and the United rocket and space Corporation (owned by “Roskosmos”) will develop a drone sample medical tram. It has caused ridicule and trolling in the network, reports the with reference on the Facts. According to Rogozin, the tram will with Wi-Fi, with elements of care – when a person sits in the tram and on the way you may pass the minimum medical care.

For this reason “Lentech” writes: “it is True that in “SKOLKOVO” consider that this tram even you will not be able to measure pressure”

Rogozin notes that a pilot tram will “Invitro”. According to him, this tram will cost less than unprecedented: 26 million instead of 36, for which now purchase their local authority.

“That’s all you need to know about Russian space program and its leadership. I would only even gave this tram – name “Federation”,” – wrote in Facebook Aviaexport Russian Vadim Lukashevich.

Social media users commented on the news:

“This rocket to rogozino from manure, then frozen for stability and reliability of the rocket, Yakut retreat for the master.”

“Kremlin dreamer”

“Shit and sticks beat all records”.

“Clay, and a great deal of moss?”

“Out of patriotism and prayers.”

“That his son picked up the following Il”.

“It is better to be told, how business with the defense order, which the son failed”.

“Well, maybe it’s orbital tram?”

“From Baikonur to start?”

“It will be unmanned, and maybe bezvygulnym?”

“And he’s with the cosmos everything will work already?!”

“Now in Russia and trams will not. There is no sadder story in the world… Envy silently”.

“I think it is specially idiotical. Creates a white noise to distract from serious problems. The clown is also a profession”.


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