SODEC finances the next films of Yan England, Léa Pool and Ricardo Trogi

SODEC funds upcoming films by Yan England, Léa Pool and Ricardo Trogi


The Fanny Cloutier children's novel series, written by singer and author Stéphanie Lapointe, will be brought to the big screen by director Yan England.

This feature film produced by Téléfiction is one of 14 fiction feature film projects that received funding from the Société de développement des entreprises culturelle (SODEC) on Wednesday. The film will tell the story of Fanny, a 15-year-old girl who tries to understand the circumstances surrounding the death of her mother. This will be the third feature film to be directed by Yan England, after 1:54 and Sam

SODEC has also provided financial support for the social drama L'habit du hero, written by playwright Michel Marc Bouchard and directed by Léa Pool. The work will deal with a subject rarely explored in cinema, namely the immigration of LGBTQ+ refugees. 

Other projects

Comedy1994-1995, Ricardo Trogi's fourth film inspired by his youth (after 1981, 1987 and 1991), also got the green light from SODEC, after receiving funding from Telefilm Canada. Filming on the film will begin this fall, producer Marie-Claude Poulin confirmed on Facebook.

The biographical sports drama Villeneuve, about the life of the legendary Quebec racing driver Gilles Villeneuve will also be able to go ahead with filming since he has received support from SODEC and Telefilm Canada. Directed by Daniel Roby (Louis Cyr), the film will look at the early years of Villeneuve's career. 

Other feature films that received funding include the films The train by Marie Brassard, Nervures by Raymond St-Jean, Gagne ton ciel by Mathieu Denis, Furies by Mélanie Charbonneau and em>Silverman by Martin Talbot.