Sofia Rotaru – 72: the TOP 5 most popular songs of the famous singer

The repertoire of Sofia Mikhailovna has over 500 songs in various languages

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Софие Ротару – 72: ТОП-5 самых популярных песен знаменитой певицы

Sofia Rotaru.

Today, August 7, the famous singer Sofia Rotaru celebrates 72 years. Rotaru – people’s artist of USSR (1988), Hero of Ukraine (2002), knight of the order of the Republic of Moldova.

The repertoire of Sofia Mikhailovna has more than 500 songs in Russian, Ukrainian, Moldovan, Bulgarian, Serbian, Polish, German, French, Italian, Spanish and English.

Her birthday is Today.Lifestyle decided to recall five of the most popular songs of the singer.

“Chervona Ruta”

This song became a hit, thanks to which Sofia Rotaru became famous and popular. The song was written in 1970 by the Ukrainian poet and composer Vladimir Ivasjuk.


This song in 1985, wrote a Soviet and Russian poet and songwriter Mikhail Shabrov. Performed Rotaru song has become one of the most popular.


The song was written in 1993. Her name is Sofia Rotaru approved immediately, but the famous phrase about dark beauty – girl-Moldavanka was finished only after a couple of months.


Sofia Rotaru presented the song “Moon-moon” in 1986. The music was written by Vladimir Leonardovich Matetskiy – Soviet and Russian composer, producer. The author of the words of the famous song – Michael b Shabrov.

“Well I loved him”

The author of the text and music of Konstantin Meladze. In 2005, the song was written for the musical “Sorochinskaya fair”, where rotary played a small role. Song of a Gypsy (“I’m loved”) in the future has got in rotation on various radio stations and was included in the album artist with the same name. The song has won various music awards.

We will remind, granddaughter Sofia Rotaru, which was named after the famous grandmother, Sofia Yevdokymenko of the models decided to go to the singer. 18-year-old she recorded her first English single called Unbreakable.

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