Sofia Rotaru love everywhere: Aurika Rotaru responded to criticism of the sisters

Софию Ротару любят везде: Аурика Ротару отреагировала на критику в адрес сестры

Sofia Aurika Rotaru

yesterday, 19:15

Aurika Rotaru spent Christmas with family in one of the most comfortable places in the Carpathians – Yaremche at Winter Romantik Fest. For the seventh consecutive year, the festival satisfied the founder of the hotel Romantik Spa Hotel Ivan Judd Apatow’s trainwreck, which invites many celebrities.

This time together with Aurica at the celebration of the culture and traditions rested Olga Sumska and Vitaliy Borysyuk, Arsen Mirzoyan, Timur Miroshnichenko, head, Barbir, Ruslan Senichkin, and Natalya buchynska. Among the guests was the reporter Znayu.

Софию Ротару любят везде: Аурика Ротару отреагировала на критику в адрес сестры

Aurika Rotaru

We were able to communicate with Aurika about her life and family, to find out where it disappears and why is it little known. We were not able to sidestep questions about Sofia Rotaru – older sister of Aurice. Not so long ago to the people’s favorite there was criticism in the Russian media that the son of the star, Ruslan Evdokimenko, called “custom”. However, this story has spawned various rumors and gossip.

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Aurika, you previously had a rest in Yaremche?

My first time here. I was invited this year, and we decided to come together as a family. Honestly, I’ve always wanted to celebrate the New year in the Carpathians. The new year has not turned out, and Christmas was a success. The thing is, I was sick and came here with a cold. The New year got sick. So many here miss.

And at Christmas here, my brother Anatoly came with his family to meet. With his wife, daughter and grandchildren. We haven’t seen for 2.5 years! And then 150 miles to home, and they decided to come. They rented a house, set the table. After a speech in the Holy night, I came to them.

Софию Ротару любят везде: Аурика Ротару отреагировала на критику в адрес сестры

Olga Sumy and Aurika Rotaru

An evening of memories with a feast and songs?

Yes! Usually sing, but this time did not sing, because a cold and has not recovered yet.

You are so similar to Sofia Mikhailovna! If not for the hair color, could be confused.

Sisters, after all. Something has to be shared.

The last time Sofia Mikhailovna is rarely used. In Kiev saw her last summer at a festival Atlas Weekend. But it is a lot of news in the media, including Russian, and not always true. How do you feel about all these rumors and criticism?

Yes. Very hard, because they write one, here is another. She was between two fires. Like many. Now I do not know how to act and what to do. Because the audience is there, there and here, and in any country – it is people’s artist of the USSR, her love is everywhere. I said to her: “do Not read it! Put the phone down and do not read it!” What to do?

You are close?

Of course! And communicate and work together very often see just. She also lives in Kiev. We are close.

Софию Ротару любят везде: Аурика Ротару отреагировала на критику в адрес сестры

Aurika and Sofia Rotaru

But you do not appear at events in Kiev, as something outside of showbiz, right?

Now one party at all events. But nothing.

You do not want to go anywhere?

Why? I want to do. I think, now begin quietly to be friends with everyone.

Many people don’t know that you live in Kiev.

I have more than 30 years I live in Kiev. Married Kiev and moved.

Tell us about your family. You already have grandchildren.

Yes, two girls: Aurika and Veronica. My daughter got married and gave two granddaughters.

Together they live with you?

I daughter left the apartment in Kiev. They live their family. I believe that every family should be separate. And I built a house near Kiev and live on earth. I love it! Granddaughter all summer I have. In spring move in with me until September.

Софию Ротару любят везде: Аурика Ротару отреагировала на критику в адрес сестры

Aurika Rotaru with her daughter and granddaughter

And where is live, if not secret?

In Boryspil district, in the village of Dudarkiv. I found a place near the forest. I don’t have to ride every day to work in Kiev, and when you need to – sat on the machine and came.

How your life flows now?

Officially I’m retired but work. Now a lot of travel, a lot of work, concerts. In early March we will tour the big city in Ukraine with a new program, new costumes, clip going to make.

You do work without a producer?

Now I have a Director who helps, because one is very difficult.

A daughter Anastasia did not go in your footsteps?

No, she graduated from the Institute of international relations, international economy, but while engaged in children. She is married for 8 years, since childhood, was familiar with her lover.

You never changed your name after marriage, left Rotaru, and his daughter, too, and why?

I have to change made no sense. I was already on the stage, I knew everything. And her daughter did not want to change all the documents but the names granddaughter-in-law.

Софию Ротару любят везде: Аурика Ротару отреагировала на критику в адрес сестры

Aurika Rotaru with her daughter and granddaughters

Your niece Sofia chlabicz took the alias Sonia Kay. You maintain relationships?

Yes, of course! On 7 June she will have a wedding. All together.

And Sonia Evdokimenko is not going to marry?

No, she is still young she is only 18 years old. Roofing – also, Dating a girl, but not yet thinking of marriage.

Софию Ротару любят везде: Аурика Ротару отреагировала на критику в адрес сестры

Family Sofia Rotaru: son and daughter-in-law and grandchildren Sonia and Singh

On what holidays are about the whole family?

It would be more often but we got together 2.5 years ago when our niece Anna got married. This is the daughter of the brother of Anatoly, whom we met recently. Anna arrived with her son: a little Bit. We saw him for the first time. He is now six months old.

Sophia Mikhailovna and you have Pets of the same breed. Her dog Jimmy, and you?

I – woody is a Bichon Frise. He is so good. Sleeps with me, walks, a good-natured, loves children, girls something!

Софию Ротару любят везде: Аурика Ротару отреагировала на критику в адрес сестры

Aurika Rotaru with her daughter and woody

What do you like doing at home?

I do everything: and can in the garden all the grow – flowers, herbs, tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries… the Pool was parked on the street – I will be in the summer to swim.

And household have?

No, I had chicken, but I stopped to deal with them. Often leave, and it is necessary for them to follow.

What love in the kitchen to cook?

I have a cake your favorite is, trump. It with cheese, with cheese, with cheese of sheep, in dill, salt, and served with sesame seeds, very tasty. We all know that any celebration without this cake is not.

I think you said compliments about your beauty. How are cared for?

Nothing so special I don’t. Normal masochki, when I have time. It’s genetic: my mom and dad looked very good always. Passed down from generation to generation.

And how about the beauty shots?

No way. I’m afraid and careful about it. I’m a cosmetologist was not 20 years, probably. There is no time. I want to go to the massages you can do. I love Japanese cosmetics, are the new patches.

What gifts do you love?

Flowers, but not cut down, but better in pots, so pleasing any longer. Love the perfume, perfumes are different, and your trying to buy something new. Jewelry do not wear. There is a cross, earrings and all. Rings bother me.

You have very few photos in Instagram. But in the past you have shared footage from Monaco. Rested there?

We have corporate was there in Monte Carlo. “Our” book. We were there in December on my birthday, and New year.

Софию Ротару любят везде: Аурика Ротару отреагировала на критику в адрес сестры

Aurika Rotaru

And shared colorful photos of the vacation somewhere on the Islands.

It is in the Maldives. I love to travel. But with age became more afraid for some reason. Maybe because on TV right now more information.

And where you plan to vacation in 2020?

Think again, because we’re all going with her granddaughter. Dream – Rio de Janeiro. Was not never. I think it’s real. Go only with Nastya children leave for the matchmaker.

Julia Abramova

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