Sofia Rotaru will perform in Russia: how much promised “Hutoryanka”

София Ротару выступит в России: сколько пообещали "Хуторянке"

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today, 11:20

Ukrainian singer Sofia Rotaru will go to Moscow to star in a music awards “song of the year”. This is reported by Russian media.

In addition, the artist will perform at the festival “legends of retro FM”. It is known that Rotaru has already confirmed to the organizers that it will participate in the “Song of the year”.

The entry prize will be held December 7 at “VTB Arena”. The artist receives offers to perform in Moscow on new year’s corporate parties.

София Ротару выступит в России: сколько пообещали "Хуторянке"

Sofia Rotaru

At the moment, the Kremlin is considering several proposals about the performance. It is reported that the fee for one concert Rotaru is 50 to 60 thousand dollars.

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It is known that Sofia Rotaru participated in 40 ceremonies of the Russian prize. In addition, she performed there even in 2014, when it began the war in the Donbass.

We will remind, granddaughter Sofia Rotaru opened the fall season in new York.

As reported Know. ua, Sofia Rotaru watching Instagram beauties-granddaughter.

Also Know As. ua wrote that hot niece Rotaru naked and stretched out next to the pool.

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