Sofiane takes us to Kosovo in her video clip “Training Day”

Clip “Training Day” : Sofiane returns with his smashing

While Fianso done at this point to talk a lot to him for his stories with Booba, Lacrim, and Hornet Strike, he does not forget of teaser for his next album. After a new #Jesuispass├ęchezso, Sofiane unveils the clip from Training Day, in which he takes us in Albania and in Kosovo.

Sofiane has become the target of Booba, Lacrim and Hornet Strike (the things are arranged now) when a telephone conversation of him with a stranger, dating back to November 2019, has been leaked on the web. You can hear him insulting Hornet Strike and swing : “Lacrim it is that it is small, it is the small to Booba.” Words that are not at all in the past. The interpreter of Bloody invited the rapper to settle their accounts : “You don’t co*illes. Chui to paname big. Sends a number in a DM and as it we get it and we’ll fix it. Chui here for you brother, I will not you let go.” A message, rather direct.

“I pilot the Navigator”

Instead of responding to this invitation, Sofiane has preferred to take out the clip of his song smashing Training Day, after a 12th-pane #Jesuispass├ęchezso. Clip in which So takes us to Albania and Kosovo, surrounded by his gang. “It tumbles in from the left, it rushes to the right of / To tell the prof’, no one has sweaty hands / It starts by cheating, and the continuation of the loves / The goal, it is not to be rich, it is to be never poor / I driver the Navigator / Training Day“, raps on a beat that is powerful enough. In any case, this new title announcement necessarily the preparation for a new album… For the moment, Fianso has nothing to say about this topic !

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