Soldiers in a CHSLD: “Quebec pays its share to the army,” replied Legault Trudeau

Soldats en CHSLD: «le Québec paie sa part pour l’armée», répond Legault à Trudeau

QUÉBEC | The Quebec “pays its share to the army,” replied the prime minister, François Legault, the federal government, which refuses to confirm the presence of soldiers in NURSING homes of the province until mid-September.

“I understand that there are other priorities, but it seems to me that the priority, at the moment, I cannot think of anything more urgent than dealing with our world in NURSING homes, and it is the same thing in the centers of long-term care in Ontario,” he said during the press briefing almost every day of the quebec authorities on the COVID-19.

Mr. Legault said Wednesday that he wanted to be able to benefit from the assistance of the canadian armed Forces in the CHSLD of the province until mid-September. Quebec hopes to have enough trained staff to be able to take their relay.

But for the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, with the aid of the soldiers is “a short-term solution”.

“When our people work seven days a week, this is not viable. We’re going to do the analysis to determine how much time we can [stay],” said Wednesday the minister responsible for Defence, Harjit Sajjan, in an interview with CBC.

However, François Legault, said they hoped to be able to speak with the federal in this subject in order to find a solution that would allow soldiers to extend their stay in NURSING homes of the province.

“I understand that there may be a rhythm of work that should be reviewed. I saw that some soldiers could work five days a week,” he said.

The subject of the CHSLD will be discussed during the meeting by telephone weekly of the first ministers of the country, on Thursday evening.

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