“Soleille” again at Frontignan-Plage

“Soleille” again at Frontignan-Plage

Marie et son petit Cielo qui débute sa 2e saison à la boutique.

“Soleille", the feminized star of the day, is the name of Marie's boutique, in the Bergerie district of Frontignan-Plage. A boutique specializing in jewelry which was not supposed to reopen this year… "But ultimately, we decided to enlarge it, smiles the young woman. I realized that I still really wanted to defend creations that I find original, but in a more stylish and larger space."

Most of the store highlights rings, bracelets, earrings, carefully selected jewelry by artists that the saleswoman knows and supports.

Next to the counter where information sheets for introductory courses on the pendulum, magnetism or the geology of habitat are pinned (she is not the one who provides them!), six Bronzed Sardines: these are the beers made by Yoan, his companion, which you can once again buy to take away this year.

As for her son, Cielo, this is his second season at the beach in his mother's store. Which doesn't seem to displease him since, unlike last year, he's happy to wander around the pretty store on all fours!

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