Some are pleasantly surprised to Montreal

Certains sont agréablement surpris à Montréal

Traders close to the city of Verdun, in Montreal, say they are pleasantly surprised by the customer traffic in their store, for them who expected to live in difficult moments, by re-opening their doors.

“It is very busy. It is above our expectations, ” says Sam Jiha, son of the owner of the jewelry Dubé.

“We said : “the people will be broken”. But no, on the contrary. They want to spoil. “

During the passage of the representative of the Newspaper yesterday afternoon, the promenade Wellington was crowded with walkers. In several shops, he had to wait outside before they entered, several customers were already inside.

Seven merchants of the promenade interviewed, five said they were satisfied with their sales since the re-opening of stores with an exterior door at Montreal, on 25 may.

Pedestrian street

“This is better than I thought “, said Catherine Audet, owner of the Mistinguette, shop of products from quebec and eco-friendly.

“People were really eager to pick up their soap in bulk. It was about time that we open, ” exclaimed she.

Wellington street is closed to cars for a week, which leaves the entire square to pedestrians.

“I think it helps,” said Ms. Audet. In car, people have less time to see the shops, to discover new, ” she says.

This is also the impression that Francis Lascelle, committed at the Corner of the toy.

“Recently, sales were not bad exceeded those of the prior pandemic. “

“Boom” start ?

But this trend will last, does it ? Or is this only a “boom” starting after the long confinement ? is he asks.

For several retail clothing shops, the traffic is far from being back to his normal level, as in Grover & Son, specialized in clothes for men of great size.

The owner, Kenny Grover, believes that the pedestrian street discourages customers who do not come from the district. There is also a suspicion that people have less need of clean clothes because of telework.

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