Some tips to prepare financially for Black Friday?

Some tips for preparing financially for Black Friday?

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“& nbsp; The good old budget technique fully applies to Black Friday”, believes Sylvie de Bellefeuille, lawyer and budget advisor at Option Consommateurs. & nbsp;

< p> But a consumer must adapt to the context: & nbsp;

  1. Set a total budget, but above all per gift or per person, so as not to lose track in the store .
  2. Make an accurate list of gifts, per person.
  3. Organize an online pre-store to check inventory and compare prices.
  4. Buy cash with envelopes corresponding to each gift recipient: when they are empty, your shopping stops.

False sales

Some give in to the frenzy because they are convinced they are doing good business. However, buying a product because it is on sale is a very bad idea: will the gift please the recipient? If you are indulging yourself, do you really need it? And, above all, is it a real bargain?

Because some merchants inflate prices a few weeks before Black Friday to be able to declare sales at the right time. You get around the problem by shopping online before going to the store.

On the other hand, some sales are really good moves. But not the whole store is on sale! For example: You get a big deal on a TV, but you're paying top dollar for the HDMI cable.

Limited Quantities

Another good old-fashioned sales technique is that you are encouraged to buy immediately or as soon as possible, because stocks are limited. The message is exacerbated this year by global supply chain challenges. Most of the time, however, the shelves are full. & Nbsp;

A good tip: watch the quantities displayed on the merchant's website. & Nbsp;

Otherwise, in store , the law gives you the right to demand immediately an equivalent or higher quality product at the same price. & nbsp;

Advice & nbsp;

  • Now is the time to prepare for Black Friday … 2022! Set up an automatic transfer on payday to a savings account, or better yet, a TFSA account. Set a budget, divide by 26: $ 20 or $ 30 per transfer will be enough to fill your war chest from $ 520 to $ 780, painlessly. Such an account can also finance your back-to-school purchases or your vacation.
  • Some people use gift or prepaid cards because they de facto impose a spending limit. It’s not silly. Especially since most of them allow online shopping. But some have sometimes high administrative costs: read the conditions.
  • If you buy online to take advantage of a discount and you receive a message saying that there was an error in the price, it's illegal. In Quebec, the price displayed online is considered an offer under the law. Keep your screenshots if you want to negotiate with the merchant or file a complaint with the Office de la protection du consommateur!
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