Some will continue to protect themselves

Some will continue to protect themselves


The lifting of the obligation to wear a mask in certain closed public places does not prevent some from keeping theirs on for a while, as a safety measure.

“Before removing it, I prefer to see how it will go. I find that in public places, people are not always respectful of the distance, so for the moment, I observe  , explains Manon Brodeur, met at CF Promenades St-Bruno, Saturday.

As of Saturday, wearing a face covering is no longer mandatory in closed or partially covered public places, such as restaurants, shops and gyms.

A few days before the measure was lifted, it was becoming increasingly difficult for some traders to enforce the wearing of masks.

“ In recent weeks, we have had to do more reminders than usual. People knew that the [lifting of the measure] was coming, so they paid less attention to it,” says Alexandra Lafond, director of the Privilège Gym de Québec.

Still a little< /strong>

However, several citizens still prefer to keep their masks on, often to take the time to get used to the withdrawal of this measure. 

François Pesant has decided that he will remove his mask and that of his son, Blaise, when school is out. “I think the government could have waited until the end of classes, it would have been better to avoid the spread in schools and among children,” he argues.

Unlike the greater region from Montreal, where many citizens still wore the mask, to Quebec, it was rather invisible during the passage of the Newspaper in several establishments.

“There are customers who are not sure yet. A few asked us if we were comfortable putting it back on if they came to see us because they were a little cautious about taking it off,” says Josianne Tremblay, manager of the Coiffure distinctive salon. de Charlesbourg.

Some people think they will wear their mask partially, especially when there are a lot of people. “There are places where I wouldn't feel comfortable without my mask so I'm going to keep it handy,” promises Michel Boisclair, in Longueuil.

– With Jérémy Bernier

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