“Something Nazar waiting”: Taras Tsymbalyuk told about the continuation of “the Fortress”

“Что-то такое Назара ждет”: Тарас Цымбалюк рассказал о продолжении “Крепостной”

The series Fortress, STB

today, 19:28

The first two seasons of “the Fortress” fell in love with not only the Ukrainian audience, but also Polish. In addition, a costume drama sold to Lithuania, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia and Kazakhstan.

Fans of the series were impatiently waiting for information about the continuation of the tragic history of the life of Catherine Verbitskaya. Especially caused a major stir last episode of the second season, which brutally killed the main character. In late November the STB channel has officially confirmed that work has begun on writing the new series. What happens in the lives of the characters “Land” – remains a mystery.

Znayu talked to a sex symbol of the series and performer of the role of a blacksmith Nazar and Taras Tsymbalyuk. We asked the actor what he knows about the extension.

“Что-то такое Назара ждет”: Тарас Цымбалюк рассказал о продолжении “Крепостной”

Taras Tsymbalyuk played Nazar in the land

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“Something is written about something, there was talk, – said Taras. – Now start the auditions. Because there should be new characters. I know that one of the main characters will be from Poland, but I’m not going to say, positive or negative”.

Tsymbalyuk added that the creators of the series are prepared from the next two seasons – 48 new series. Many storylines are kept secret.

“Что-то такое Назара ждет”: Тарас Цымбалюк рассказал о продолжении “Крепостной”

Andrew Zhadan Kateryna and Verbitskaya – the heroes of the Fortress

Fans of the “Land” concerned with the main question – whether alive Zhadan (the main character of the second season)? But Taras Tsymbalyuk frankly admitted that he did not know.

“I don’t speak,” he said.

He also confirmed the rumors about his character nazaré – that role will be expanded next season.

“Say so, Yes. Said Tala (Priteca, author and creative producer – editor): “Schos tak Nazar Cheka…” What exactly I don’t know. I promised that I would prescribe fully to the end of the third and fourth seasons and would give it to me”, – said the actor.

“Что-то такое Назара ждет”: Тарас Цымбалюк рассказал о продолжении “Крепостной”

Black Raven

In early December, in theaters released feature film based on the eponymous novel by Vasily Shklyar “Black crow” in which Taras Tsymbalyuk played a major role.

The actor admitted that after the tape he wrote a lot of nice comments.

“We launched a very necessary topic that people need to digest, to understand. We have unrealistic story, about which little who knows. It is very sad!” – said Taras.

“Что-то такое Назара ждет”: Тарас Цымбалюк рассказал о продолжении “Крепостной”

Taras Tsymbalyuk

Despite the title of a sex symbol “Pinion”, Tsymbalyuk long not free.

For several years he’s in a relationship with Tina Antonenko – star make-up artist who worked with Svetlana Loboda, Monticom, Ivan Dorn, and many others.

“Что-то такое Назара ждет”: Тарас Цымбалюк рассказал о продолжении “Крепостной”

Taras Tsymbalyuk with sweetheart

Recall that the premiere of the continuation of the series “Fortress” is scheduled for 2021.

Earlier Znayu published juicy facts about the star of “Black crow” Taras Tsymbalyuk, the new sex symbol of Ukrainian cinema.

Also read as “Black crow” Shklyar returned the rebellious Ukrainians in the 20s and thrown into the maelstrom of the war in the Donbass.

In addition, the “Black Maria” took part the famous Ukrainian musician Sergey Babkin.

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