Sommelier and suffering from long-term COVID: she loses taste and smell

Sommelier and suffering from long COVID: she loses taste and flavor smell


Suffering from COVID and losing taste and smell is painful for everyone. But it was a nightmare for a sommelier who had to put her career on hold for five months after developing the long form of the disease.

“After a month and a half [de COVID longue] I remember a weekend where I cried nonstop, there I was in panic. Wine is not only my profession, but also my greatest passion,” recalls sommelier and speaker Michelle Bouffard.

It's hard to imagine a worse scenario than one involving losing your taste when his career revolves around wine. Michelle Bouffard almost completely lost her taste and her sense of smell from April to August 2022. She had to put some of her professional activities on hold, including her examination for the prestigious Master of Wine, scheduled for last July. 

“It's years of study for this exam, I was studying more than thirty hours a week, it's the biggest headline that exists in the world. It's like an athlete who breaks his ankle just before the Olympics,” she says.

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Mode solutions

Quickly, the sommelier began to look for possible solutions to regain her taste and smell as quickly as possible. She underwent acupuncture treatments, consulted an ENT specialist and used essential oils to stimulate her senses. 

After several months, the sommelier was delighted to have regained her taste, but only the time will allow her to establish whether she is able to detect all the subtleties of wine.

“I would like to send a positive message, in most cases it comes back. It is necessary to talk about it. You quickly realize that many people are going through the same thing,” commented Michelle Bouffard.


According to Statistics Canada, nearly a third of Canadians 18 and older developed COVID between the start of the pandemic and May 2022. Out of the batch, approximately 1.4 million adults experienced symptoms at least three months after testing positive. < /p> Got a scoop for us?

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