Son of Daniel Brière: “a completely heinous act”, the victim is indignant

Son of Daniel Brère: “a completely heinous act” outrages the victim


The disabled young woman whose wheelchair was tossed down the stairs of an Erie, Pennsylvania bar for free by the son of Daniel Brière has commented on the incident, in the Thursday night.

The one who has a Twitter account in the name of “Sydney” says she is grateful for all the messages received to support her in this story. She added that she does not want to keep the funds that have been donated to help her.

“I swear I really don't want to keep a penny of the donated money, which I much prefer to give to those in need,” she said on the social network.

“I'm lucky to have the resources to help me, but I've learned that so many people with disabilities have no support, no help and no love. It hurts my heart so I will do whatever I can to help,” she added in a response.

Brière's son hanging

It was in a tweet from a woman named Julia that Internet users became aware of the video last Saturday. In the row, a wave of criticism of the place continued to swamp Carson Brière, a hockey player from Mercyhurst University, who can be seen ungratefully pushing the chair down the stairs on the surveillance video of the bar. 'Erie. 

One of three sons of former National League player Daniel Brière, now Philadelphia Flyers general manager, Carson Brière has apologized 'for my behavior' without however apologize directly to the victim of his gesture.

This one always seems bitter towards her criminal, as explained in a response to a person showing solidarity with her: “I agree that it is a completely heinous act in my opinion”.

Carson Brière has been suspended by the athletic department of Mercyhurst University “while the internal investigation takes its course,” the Lakers announced on Wednesday. 

In a tweet, the establishment previously said the student-athlete's apology reflects a tradition that “students and all people who do poor judgment deserve the opportunities to learn and change their behaviors, even their harmful acts.”