Son Orbakajte was an exact copy Galkin: looks like a favorite grandson Pugacheva

Сын Орбакайте оказался точной копией Галкина: как выглядит любимый внук Пугачевой

Kristina Orbakaite

today, 11:34

Singer Kristina Orbakaite silala the social network a photo of his youngest son of Denis Baisarov, son Ruslan Baisarov.

Fans have already pointed out that Denis is very similar to Maxim Galkin, the current husband of the mother Aguilera, singer Alla Pugacheva. However, the kinship between Denis and Galkin not — grandfather guy has first husband Pugacheva Mykolas ORBacus, with whom the singer divorced in 1973.

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Also fans compare Denis Baysarov with his elder brother, Nikita Presnyakov, Orbakaite son from her marriage with singer Vladimir Presnyakov. In the comments users noted that, despite the different parents, you guys like each other.

We remind you that earlier Orbakaite posted a video where her mother, Alla Pugacheva, appeared as the personal makeup artist for her daughter.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote that Pugachev will not sing? Diva all frightened, barely on his feet and breathing.

Another portal Know.ia reported that Pugacheva and Galkin have concealed two more children, meet Harry and Lisa, Alina and Gregory.

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