Song Vanessa Paradis on Kiev became a hit

Песня Ванессы Паради о Киеве стала хитом

The star herself wrote the track about the capital of Ukraine. In this Paradis sings about memories of a girl about kissing a lover from the distant past.

Famous French singer, actress and model Vanessa Paradis sang a song about Kiev. The video appeared on the YouTube channel of Vanessa Paradis 2018.

The star performed the track at the ceremony, the French music awards Victoires de la musique. It is reported that a song called Kiev the singer has written herself. It was included on the last album Paradis Les Sources, released in November 2018.

In the song that the girl says “hot kisses lover from the distant past”.

For days, the video gathered more than 20.7 thousand hits.

In July 2018 actress Vanessa Paradis married. It was also reported that the Ukrainian “blew up” the hall in the finals of the talent show in the United States.

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