Songs of race

Chansons de course

Sandra Godin

The foot race was for many a way of escape during the containment. And when we short, we want to have a good rhythm in the ears to maintain the frame rate. Do you prefer electro, rap, rock ? Anyway, the journalists Raphaël Gendron-Martin and Sandra Godin challenged to concoct a list for a race comprised exclusively of québec artists. On your marks, crank it up, go !

Ready to Start, Arcade Fire

Sandra : Hi Raphael ! At what point are you a fan of running ? Rider hard or not, tie your laces, I begin with this song all indicated for Arcade Fire, which will give you motivation for sure !

To listen to the same artist : Rebellion, Neighborhood #3

Mardi Gras, Pierre Kwenders

Pierre Kwenders

Raphael : there have been years where I have been more diligent, say ! Maybe this list of songs will give me the taste of out my old sneakers ! I want to continue with Pierre Kwenders, a friend, precisely of the band of Win and Régine. With its chugging rhythm, and its exotic touch, in addition to a participation of Jacobus, Mardi Gras makes you want to run in the sun.

To listen to the same artist : Sexus Plexus Nexus, Loves summer

Back Off, Laurence Nerbonne

Laurence Nerbonne

Sandra : The collaboration between Pierre Kwenders and Jacobus is beautifully festive. I would have chosen to Do the feast, and the pace lends itself also very well to the race ! Otherwise, the music is tinged hip-hop of Laurence Nerbonne accompanies me very often in the trails. It’s a little more moderate, and this is perfect, because I’m not always in the fashion marathon.

To listen to the same artist : If your heart beats, Dance beat

Sunshine, SOMMM


Raphael : I’m really agree with your suggestion of partying. And I had not thought of a song most moderate of Laurence Nerbonne. Good idea ! In a register a little more energetic, without being hyperactive, I would suggest the new project of Ariane Moffatt and Étienne Dupuis-Cloutier, SOMMM, and the room Sunshine. Pop very well-crafted that makes you want to move.

To listen to the same artist : For you (Ariane Moffatt), Hotel Love – Nautiluss Remix (Ariane Moffatt).

I love the birds, Yann Perreau

Yann Perreau

Sandra : Excellent discovery ! I continue with this song irresistibly danceable Yann Perreau. I often have the reflex to turn around to the pop English when I need that adrenaline, and I confess that the exercise to find bits and pieces québec francos festive and powerful asked me to make a reflection. But it is unquestionably !

To listen to the same artist : Beautiful as you love, Taste the time

Hit Pop, Number#

Raphael : Like you, I have the reflex to go to the English-language music when I want to do for the year. But when we pay attention, there are excellent pop-electro-franco-as evidenced by the Hit Pop, of Number#, a group that was much too short-lived in the years 2000. And it still listens very well today in the current !

To listen to the same artist : Loose your style, Move to Move (with Omnikrom)

Ave Mucho, Misteur Valaire


Sandra : What a good memory ! I pursue my course with a dose of funk and groove, the tempo perfect, according to me, with this great success of Misteur Valaire. Side catchy tunes, their repertoire is worth the detour.

To listen to the same artist : the Golden Rule (Do the Oobopopop), Dan Dan

Nothing serves to run, Karim Ouellet

Karim Ouellet

Raphael : If you do ask not of Valaire, I was going to do it ! It makes me think of Karim Ouellet, who has already been to the catchy love is a monster with the Temple. But for the race a little more fast paced, I would go with the very appropriate there is no point of running. Here, let’s just not listen to the title and go there !

To listen to the same artist : love is a monster (with the Temple), The love

Hymne à Québec – Loco Locass

Loco Locass

Sandra : Since I walk up and down often running the streets of Old-Quebec, near me, I thought of making a small nod chauvin to my wonderful city with this hymn gatherer of Loco Locass, a melody which allows me to keep the pace !

To listen to the same artist : The purpose, Bonzaïon

The great escape, Patrice Michaud

Raphael : OK, I’ll allow a bit of chauvinism here, haha ! I continue with the whole new piece of Patrice Michaud, nicely named The great escape. Wanting to escape by running in the streets, it is a bit our state of mind after three months of confinement, right ?

To listen to the same artist : Mechanical general Kamikaze

No Heaven, Champion

Sandra : Yes, and honestly, running is my best way to get there these days. I suggest the race track par excellence, that will remind you, perhaps like me, your younger time in bars. Let’s say that today, I époumone differently on this one, haha !

To listen to the same artist : Alive Again, Life Is Good

Work It, Mary Davidson

Mary Davidson

Raphael : Very good song choice, that was strangely buried away in my memories ! I want to go even further in the electro with this piece of Montreal’s Marie Davidson. It seems to be really designed to motivate us to workout when you listen to it say ” Work to be a winner “.

To listen to the same artist : I Dedicate My Life, The Psychologist

The devil, Alexandre Désilets

Sandra : Yes, the electro is a choice to be stimulating. But I think I prefer a pop expanded, ultra dance, such as that of Alexandre Désilets, an artist that is not talked about enough. His entire repertoire is designed to stretch our legs.

To listen to the same artist : Renegade, My demon

Yoga pants, Blue Jeans Blue

Blue Jeans Blue

Raphael : I had the intention of continuing in the electro, but after your suggestion, I’ll be back to pop-rock with the group summer by excellence : Blue Jeans Blue. On the fast-paced and wacky yoga Pants, we smile when listening to the lyrics while wanting to run full speed. This is a great exercise !

To listen to the same artist : strong Coffee, I ate too many French fries

Fuego, Sarahmée (with Souldia)


Sandra : I finished the race in hip-hop with this piece of fire, if you allow the pun. Its chorus is accelerated, the touches of afrobeat, listen to the volume in the pad.

To listen to the same artist : Freedom, You’re not believed

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