Sonic 2 : a sequel to come… with Dwayne Johnson in the cast ?

Sonic 2 : une suite à venir... avec Dwayne Johnson au casting ?

Sonic 2 : a sequel to come… with Dwayne Johnson in the cast ?

Released at the cinema on 12 February, the film dedicated to the Sonic proved a massive hit in cinemas in France and around the world. Enough to be entitled to a Sonic 2 ? It is the view of one of the stars of the first component which has the same teasé the possible arrival of Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock in the casting.

It was in a bad way and yet, Sonic has established itself in dark rooms. At the end of April 2019, the first trailer had not been unanimous because of the face of the little blue hedgehog, too far from the one of the video games. The Paramount studios and the producer has then worked on the design of the hero for a result much more satisfactory. Coincidence (or not), the film proved a massive hit since its release : in France, where Sonic is voiced by Malik Bentalha, the film has collected 771 000 viewers for its first week. In the United States, the film has beat Detective Pikachu and has signed the best start for a movie from a video game.

Dwayne Johnson in the face of Sonic in the sequel

Enough in any case to give hopes to the team of the feature film ! According to Neal McDonough, who plays the Major Bennington in the movie, a second stream would be well in the cards. Present at the Fan Expo Vancouver, it is income on the success of the film… and suggested that Sonic 2 is back on track. “I look forward to see part 2” there let go. But that’s not all ! During his panel, the actor seen in ‘Desperate Housewives’ has also given this potential second part could be done with Dwayne Johnson ! “I’ve heard that The Rock is going to play in it. The Rock is in the suites of all the films,” he said, with a sense of humor.

The trailer of Sonic had made a nod to the actor since the kid let go at a time : “Where am I ? It is in what year ? The Rock is the president ?“. A reference which had amused the star of Jumanji. “This is crazy, I was playing Sonic at the college. And now so much time after… life can be unpredictable and unreal sometimes, “he tweeted. What Jeff Fowler, the director of the film, had answered : “There is always time for a cameo“. Then will there be The Rock in a sequel ?

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