Sonic : new trailer and new design great for the hedgehog

Sonic : new trailer and new design great for the hedgehog

Appointment on the 12th of next February to discover the new adventures of Sonic, not on video game consoles, but… at the cinema. And after the trailer, this film signed Jeff Fowler and worn by Jim Carrey and James Marsden promises to be awesome.

For Valentine’s day 2020, you will fall under the spell of a blue hedgehog. In fact, it is the 12th of February next, that Sonic will land in the cinema in his own movie solo. And if the first trailer released last April left fearing the worst with such a design hideous for the hero of Sega, the all-new trailer promises us this time… a result epic.

A trailer is great for Sonic

We know, after having heard the criticism of the spectators and fans, Paramount Pictures has taken the decision to stagger the release of this film in order to allow the teams of the special effects work on a better look of Sonic. And the least we can say today is that this challenge has been beneficial. Now, the hedgehog is more cute and funny than ever and gives us really want to follow him in his adventures.

About the story, the trailer reveals perhaps a bit too much, but one realizes how much this film will be close to the cartoon with a real side cartoon and the more junk movie worthy of a direct-to-dvd. The humor childish promises and to be effective, some of the gags are already fly, and especially, Jim Carrey in Dr. Eggman (Robotnik) is amazing. It was a long time that we had not seen the actor burst out like that, and his joy is so happy to see that she is communicative.

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