Sonic the movie : face the wrath of the fans, the hero will change the face of

Sonic le film : face à la colère des fans, le héros va changer de visage

Sonic the movie : face the wrath of the fans, the hero will change the face of

Who says that complaining on Twitter was not used for nothing ? Certainly not fans of Sonic. A few days after the release of the trailer of the film dedicated to the blue hedgehog, they have indeed managed to convince the director and his team to change the speed of the appearance of the hero.

The appearance of Sonic annoys the fans

A few days ago, Paramount released the trailer for Sonic the movie, an adaptation live-action of the famous franchise of video games. And if the first images we promised a Jim Carrey perfect as Doctor Robotnik, they let us also fear a great disappointment on the side of the hero.

Unlike in the film, Detective Pikachu makes perfect tribute to his different Pokémon, respecting their appearances, Jeff Fowler (the director) and his team had their side took the initiative to reinvent itself slightly to the design of the blue hedgehog. “Had” ? Yes, in the face of the fury of criticism on the social networks about this and the bad buzz that began to be born on YouTube (the trailer was heavily dislikée), they immediately decided to turn back.

The director promises change

You can discover below, it is on Twitter that Jeff Fowler has made his mea-culpa, assuring fans that changes were already being made : “Thanks for the support. And the criticism. The message has been heard loud and clear… you are not happy with the design and you want to change. It’s going to be. Everyone at Paramount and Sega is totally dedicated to the idea of making the best character possible. #OnVaRéparerCaVite“.

A statement obviously reassuring – we have the right to a vision closer to that of the user Edward Pun ? (see below), but also disturbing. With such a promise, and a date of cinema release still scheduled for 8 November in the USA, the teams in charge of the special effects will have to work hard to change all of the time, thus risking to see their working conditions deteriorate and increase the rate of burn-out, already present in such trades.

Listen to the fans it is well, respect its employees, it is better. It is hoped that the two options will be validated…


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