Sonic, the movie : forget Baby Yoda, it’s Baby Sonic, a version even more cute

Sonic, the movie : forget Baby Yoda, it’s Baby Sonic, a version even more cute

The babies are all the rage this year. After Baby Yoda, it’s Baby Sonic, the youth version and a thumbnail image of the blue hedgehog, as you will soon discover the film in the film Sonic. Attention, you’re going to crack !

After being found at the centre of a bad buzz after the first design failed of its hero, the studio Paramount is trying to redeem himself by every possible means to convince the public to go see the movie Sonic, which is due February 12, 2020 at the cinema. And the least we can say is that it works.

Sonic reveals his childhood, the fans under the spell

In addition to a recent trailer is very exciting that we presented the new design of the blue hedgehog, more faithful to the video games, another video straight out of japan (available in our slideshow), puts in scene a… Baby Sonic. And yes, like the now legendary Baby Yoda of the series, The Mandalorian, this little ball of fur proves to be simply irresistible and seductive.

And in the meantime to make the happiness of the vendors of toys / stuffed animals, these are the fans that are already the happiest in the world. It has to do is take a ride on the social networks to see that all of the spectators fell under the spell of such a version of Sonic, which will release the screen at the time of the different sequences of flashbacks.

The question that arises now is the following : who is MORE cute between Baby Groot, Baby Yoda, Baby Sonic ? You have 4 hours.

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