Sony announced the release date of the PlayStation 5

Sony Interactive Entertainment will release a PlayStation 5 in the next 12 months

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Today, 09:50

Sony озвучила дату выхода PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 announce summer 2020

Following the announcements about income and targets for the year, a division of Sony Interactive Entertainment commented on the Wall Street Journal, the appearance of PlayStation 5 on sale. According to Sony the game console of new generation is expected in the next 12 months because of plans to release PS5 the company does not have until April 2020.

However, the publication noted that Sony said nothing about the summer period when there will be an international gaming exhibition E3 2020, which likely Sony will introduce the PlayStation 5, and sales will begin in the fall and winter of 2020. Reason Sony won’t go to a game exhibition in the summer of 2019.

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Recently Sony told about the technical characteristics of the game consoles, it not only dispelled the rumors, but was pleasantly surprised by the technical specifications of the upcoming gaming platform, which was very impressive. The new PlayStation 5 will support the 8K mode, 3D audio, will receive a 12-core processor AMD Ryzen third generation, faster SSD, and full backward compatibility with video games from the PlayStation 4.

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Earlier, confirmed the rumors about active development for GTA 6 PlayStation 5. In turn, Microsoft deprived Xbox One key features.

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