Sony destroyed the main myth about the PlayStation: the millions were wrong

The myth is that the DualShock controller is actually not the “X”button

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 08:23

Sony разрушила главный миф о PlayStation: миллионы ошибались

The post PlayStation UK on Twitter has caused a storm of controversy among participants

The company Sony has taken the unusual debunking the myth regarding the home button on the DualShock controller of the whole series of PlayStations. The destruction of the myth has caused many players a real shock – a familiar button is actually called differently.

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For those who use PlayStation controllers on any of the game consoles of Sony, the buttons on it are known as the “triangle”, “square”, “circle” and “X” (“x”). Now the company claims that millions of players are wrong: there is no “X” button on the controller – it’s called “cross” (“cross”).

However, this debunking of the myth applies more to European and American players, because for many of them the button for many years it meant the letter “X”, not “cross”. In confirmation of his words, the Twitter account of PlayStation UK has posted about this in a separate post that caused a firestorm of debate among the participants, many even refused to believe it.

PlayStation UK only confirmed the names of four buttons and made an interesting, but logical conclusion: if the other three buttons are marked as figures, why “X” is the letter, because the players don’t call press the “circle” with the letter “O”.

Despite the official position, most people do not agree with PlayStation UK. Was published a poll in which gamers were asked how they call this button. In 81% of 170 thousand participants chose “X”. Only 8% chose “the cross” that was even less popular than the answer is “+rotate 45 degrees”.

One Twitter user pointed out the error in the argument of PlayStation UK, making the explanation more accurate. Party under the pseudonym Nero Agent Crimson noted that “crosses” have the same distance between each stick, so the stroke path around one of them forms a perfect square. The letter “X” and the controller does not have the same distance between sticks and form a rectangle. “Basic geometry,” explains the user.

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Sony разрушила главный миф о PlayStation: миллионы ошибались

Sony разрушила главный миф о PlayStation: миллионы ошибались

Sony разрушила главный миф о PlayStation: миллионы ошибались


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