Sony Pictures will make a spin-off of “spider-Man” about Madame Web

The character first appeared in the stories about Peter Parker in the 1980-ies

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Sony Pictures снимет спин-офф "Человека-паука" о Мадам Паутине

A spin-off of “spider-Man”

Sony has already started to develop another spin-off of “spider-Man”. This time the viewers will see solo about a character named Madame Web, according to Collider.

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In Marvel comics Madame Web is Cassandra Webb, which first appeared in the stories about Peter Parker in the 1980-ies. She is a positive character and is adjacent to the associates of Spiderman. Madame Web is an Oracle, able not only to predict but also to penetrate into the thoughts of others. Cassandra totally blind and almost completely paralyzed, that is, confined to a life support system, numerous tubes and wiring which are similar to the web.

The writers became Matt of Sazama and Burke Sharpless, on account of which peplum “Gods of Egypt” and the sci-Fi action power Rangers. Production time is not yet known because the project has no Director, nor the performer of the title role.

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Recall that Marvel studios, which is owned by the Disney Corporation, formerly been unable to reach agreement with rights to spider-Man by Sony Pictures. Media reported that Disney has offered to share funding and profits from the films of him in half, but Sony rejected this proposal and wished to retain its right to the lion’s share of the profits from the franchise. But everything is settled and the Studio announced the third part of the series “spider-Man: the Return home” with Tom Holland.

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