Sony PlayStation Classic hacked three days after the start of sales

Sony PlayStation Classic взломали спустя три дня после начала продаж

The hackers managed to circumvent the protection of new game consoles from Sony for a couple of days

Buy Sony PlayStation Classic is available from 3 December 2018, and game console officially available even in Ukraine. However, many owners disappointed a small list of built-in video games – a total of 20 titles, of which were of interest not more than 10. Therefore enthusiasts decide to try to hack your gaming console, writes the with reference for Today.

First, it turned out that it is possible to access the menu of the emulator, if you connect an external USB keyboard and press ESC. However, this is not a hacking, but rather the access the extended control menu of the PlayStation Classic.

Three days after the start of sales hacker under the alias bakueikozo managed to break it completely and run the game from the official Sony list. Now the whole hacking process is in manual mode, i.e. you need to enter all the commands yourself, but it is only a matter of time with soon to be automated way to bypass the protection. The result of his work he showed in the video.

The method of hacking the hacker does not disclose, but according to experienced programmers, bakueikozo could find in the system the exploit that allowed him to bypass protection PlayStation Classic and add a few other games.

Hacker says that “iron” PlayStation Classic is the same as the budget smartphone, which means over time the gaming console are emulators of other consoles and even special software.

As for the console Sony PlayStation Classic set in only 20 games, and install new, not, hacking can play a Japanese Corporation only on hand, because it will make the latest console is much more attractive in the eyes of gamers, because it will play all games released for the original console 20 years ago.

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