Sony revealed the first details of the PlayStation 5

A PlayStation 5 will come in 2019

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Sony раскрыла первые подробности PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 will get a powerful processor from AMD

In the Network appeared official information about the game consoles ninth generation PlayStation 5. Multiple rumors about a gaming console dispelled itself Sony. Lead architect top boxes mark the mob gave an interview to Wired, which spoke about the important features of the game entertainment device.

The code name for the PlayStation 5 is not disclosed, but we know that DevKit (development tools) already sent out to developers to partner Sony, so they prepared several projects to the beginning of sales of game consoles. However, the library of games at PS5 at launch will be huge due to the backward compatibility with video games from the PlayStation 4.

Sony раскрыла первые подробности PlayStation 5

The render appearance 5 PlayStation

The architect also spoke about the internal architecture of the PlayStation 5. The console will be equipped with 8-core processor Ryzen third generation and 7-nanometer architecture AMD Zen 2. The new console will also use their own graphical version Radeon Navi that support ray tracing and resolution up to 8K (7680 x 4320 pixels) at 60 frames a second.

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Mark Czerny notes that “the key to the next generation” is the inclusion of super-fast storage. According to the architect, the PlayStation 5 will get a normal SSD, which will have “more high throughput than any SSD available on the computers.” Such a storage device is necessary not only to quickly launch games, but download textures for high 8K resolution. Architect Sony gave the example of speed PlayStation 5. If Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 was downloaded about 15 seconds, then the same process on PS5 will take less than one second.

Sony also dispelled rumors regarding a physical media set – top box will take the Blue-Ray discs and will not abandon them, knowing how important it is for players. Also, Sony is making a big bet on VR technology, which “will turn your understanding of virtual reality,” said Cherni.

According to Mark mobile, the console is unlikely to be released in 2019. No hints were not given, n experts believe that the PlayStation 5 is likely to be presented in 2020, and will go on sale a year later.

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