Sonya Placidus and Richard horn postponed the wedding: the cause

Соня Плакидюк и Ричард Горн отложили свадьбу: названа причина

Fashion photographer answered personal questions.Fashion photographer and reality TV expert New channel Sonya Placidus was the guest vloga Masha Efrosinina.

And first tried out a new section and a new format of an interview “Test”, who invented TV presenter, writes the with reference to RBC-Ukraine.

Feature rubrics that together with the interviewer responds to racy and sometimes provocative questions.

In this conversation, fans broadcasters will find answers to questions that are repeatedly asked in the comments in social networks. For example, why Sonia and Richard are still not married. Indeed, in September last year in a live Studio show “surprise, Surprise!” on STB TV-channel choreographer and beloved Sony made her an offer.

“No time, – said the Dormouse Mache. – I have a psychological problem – I’m an idealist. Already invented, how it should happen. And someone needs to organize my wedding, but I don’t. Now I understand that it will not happen the way I want, without my participation, and to entrust the organization no one can. We even sat down and painted the to-do list. But…”

When Richard and Sonja broke sense, had the planned wedding with man, with whom she lived for four years.

“There had been all set. I agreed. But previous fiance was the position that everything must happen by itself. He was not a resident of the country and “wasted” to renew the documents. So moving the wedding happened purely because of the paper’s history. And, apparently, not in vain! When we met with Richard, our relationship with my ex-fiancé was already undergoing the terminal phase. If it’s not good before marriage, it is foolish to hope that it somehow miraculously will improve after. The failed wedding has become salvation.”

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