Soon a policy on arrests at the SPVM

Bientôt une politique sur les interpellations au SPVM

The Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) will soon adopt a policy on arrests, to “avoid, eliminate racism and discrimination”.

Sylvain Caron, director of the SPVM, made the announcement during a press conference where he publicly condemned the death of George Floyd at the hands of police officers in Minneapolis.

The policy will be made public on July 8, and will take effect in the following months.

The number one of the SPVM also took the opportunity to reach out to the organizers of the protest against police brutality scheduled for Sunday next, saying you want to meet to discuss.

An idea well received

“The idea to have a policy on arrests is a big step forward,” said Marlene Jennings, former mp and federal liberal, in an interview with Mario Dumont. “I really liked what I heard. What he said is very reassuring.”

An apprehension, she says, is a police action that involves a control or interrogation. Studies demonstrate that Blacks are disproportionately arrested by the SPVM.

Stars such as Patrice Bernier and Jean Pascal have witnessed situations where they have been arrested by the police while driving, for no particular reason.

Ms. Jennings, who is a member of the advisory committee on the reality of policing in Quebec, considers that this policy of the SPVM will be “a great help”.

She added that other measures could be adopted to minimize racial discrimination in policing, including training of police officers improved.

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