Soon on CASA: Coeur de pirate and her partner are renovating their chalet

Coming soon to CASA: Coeur de pirate and his partner are renovating their chalet


Through the children, the career, the management of a record company and a café, Cœur de pirate and her lover Marc Flynn are now embarking on the complete renovation of their new chalet.

As the couple do nothing by halves, they will take charge of the design, the project management, part of the renovation work as well as the interior decoration.

Follower of the 1970s style and champion of online shopping, the singer and businesswoman will take care of the management of the works and the design. Marc has a wealth of experience in renovation work. Together, they will complement each other to give their rustic cabin an up-to-date retro look.

Available in 10 episodes, the novelty “The 12 works of Béatrice” promises to be full of pitfalls, 'unexpected, but also laughter and happiness.

The release date has not yet been announced, however the show should land on CASA from next year.