Soon the end of the Service canadian emergency?

Bientôt la fin de la Prestation canadienne d'urgence?

Justin Trudeau has once again hinted at the approaching end of the Delivery canadian emergency Wednesday, saying that “people will have less need of the PCU”, while the déconfinement of the economy is accelerating across the country.

In this context, the prime minister has again encouraged employers to turn to the wage subsidy emergency of 75% in order to ensure a decent income for Canadians.

“You start to resume some of the activities in all provinces and territories, and that means people will have less and less need for the Provision of an emergency. The wage subsidy emergency, however, will be there to help Canadians during the recovery,” said Justin Trudeau during his press briefing daily in front of his residence at Rideau Cottage.

Asked about the future of the Delivery of the canadian emergency beyond the month of June, the prime minister has indicated that it would be “important to end a reasonable and responsible in the various programmes put in place”, without giving dates.

According to the parliamentary budget officer, Yves Giroux, the federal deficit now stands at $ 260 billion. Mr. Giroux has warned that such a pace of spending was not sustainable in the long term and that aid programs must have a deadline.

Delivery canadian emergency was introduced by Ottawa at the beginning of the containment, to provide for a maximum of 16 weeks of a monthly financial support of$ 2000 to the Canadian deprived of income as a result of the pandemic.

“Elements disturbing”

Justin Trudeau also commented on the report of the canadian armed Forces on the situation in the CHSLD du Québec, and which is, in his eyes, of”elements disturbing”.

He plans to address the issue of NURSING homes during his weekly call with the premiers of the provinces, scheduled for Thursday.

One thing is certain, the presence of the canadian armed Forces in NURSING homes is not a solution “nor in the medium or long-term,” said Justin Trudeau, promises to provide support to the provinces in order to reform and improve the system.

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