Sophie Thibault impatient to take control of TVA Nouvelles at 5 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Sophie Thibault impatient to take control of TVA Nouvelles at 5 p.m. and 6 p.m.


Sophie Thibault took advantage of the summer to recharge her batteries and relax as it should be, the fall promises to be busy for the new anchor of TVA Nouvelles at 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. with the election campaign approaching.

The experienced journalist is still inhabited by the landscapes of Anticosti Island – where she indulged her passion for photography, in particular at the magnificent Vauréal Falls –, but also by the breathtaking views of the Mont Blanc, in the Alps, which she had the chance to see with her own eyes.

“The sun was there throughout my vacation,” she told the QMI Agency, a smile in your voice.

For the past week, Sophie Thibault has been multiplying meetings and trials with a view to her big return to the TVA Nouvelles set at 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. next Monday. She promises a new opening sentence of her own to mark the occasion, she who succeeds Pierre Bruneau.

“I can't wait to have both hands in it for real”, a-t- she hinted, noting that she is happy with her new schedule. For 26 years, she has indeed had “atypical schedules” of weekends or evenings, so she already tastes the happiness of having dinner at home, but also of being around more people.

“I realize how alone I have always been for all these years. […] I was outside everyone's schedules.”

A journalist for 34 years at TVA, she wants to bring her color, her tone and even bet on good news “because 'there are limits to how much bad news people can absorb'.

Discussions and weather adapted to climate change

Among the novelties, Mario Dumont will take part in a daily discussion with another panelist, whether Philippe-Vincent Foisy, Paul Larocque or Emmanuelle Latraverse. And Félix Séguin, of TVA Sports, will be there every day, Sophie Thibault saying that she particularly appreciated their collaboration during Guy Lafleur's state funeral.

“For the weather segment, we want to work on it more, not only because it's the formidable Colette [Provencher], but because the weather now depends on the environment and the consequences of climate change.”

< p>The decor will not be changed immediately – apart from a few elements – but in a few months. “It's going to be great if what I've seen happening on the plans comes to fruition.”

The Lisa LaFlamme affair

About the dismissal of CTV National News anchor Lisa LaFlamme, Sophie Thibault says she is “overwhelmed and sorry”.

“Judging by what has leaked in the media, it's a power struggle that has cost her dearly.”

It does seem that Ms. LaFlamme's new gray hair would have disturbed the head of CTV News, Michael Melling, with whom she would have had more trouble with regard to the vision of her bulletin.

“Lisa LaFlamme is a reference: she had a remarkable career, assumed her choices, and this odious conclusion saddens us all. She left against her will with great dignity: she has our full sympathy.”

VAT has been relying on Sophie Thibault since 1988. In 1990, during the Oka crisis, she began to shine at the controls of special bulletins, and the channel named her in 2002 presenter of TVA Nouvelles at 22 hours. At the time, no woman before her in North America had been at the helm of a major newscast.

More women on screen

Sophie Thibault is delighted with the growing role of women in the media.

“I am absolutely delighted with this significant development in the profession. Our media must best reflect the society in which we live: the fact that women can take their place, at all levels of the pyramid, ensures much more balanced coverage. It adds a different voice and reading of the news and the choices to be made on a daily basis. It took us a long time to get there, but the trend is heavy and we win collectively,” she mentioned.