Soprano and Ninho tell of how music has changed their life in the music video “Musica”

Soprano and Ninho tell of how music has changed their life in the music video “Musica”

Without the music, Soprano and Ninho not be may not be where they are today. The two rappers talk about how their career has changed their life in the clip Musica and look back on their past seamlessly. The video is to discover on PRBK.

After the good reception of his album “Phoenix”, which has sold more than 500,000 copies and being worn by the pieces Coach, the life to love, Fragile and Whoosh in feat with Niska, Soprano has continued this success with the rerelease Of “the Phoenix stars” released on November 8, 2019. The rapper from marseille has offered to the public eight previously unreleased tracks, including feats with Jul (who has also collaborated with Mister V), Alonzo, Soolking, P3GASE and Ninho. This is Musica, her duet with the performer of Drop eau, he has chosen to illustrate today.

Soprano and Ninho together in the clip, Musica

After the movie of our everyday heroes, Soprano found Ninho in the one-of – Musica to return to their past and their journey and tell the story that the music has saved : “I wanted the world to me and come out in the music / And I’ve succeeded, now she is proud / And the film might have ended tragically / An artist’s life, a life of criminal / I am not become rich to me for look rich not in / out of the niche, we without screaming arah krishna / We have known the broke man, the street and its pitfalls man / It appears more marked as the face of Jean-Luc Reichmann.

To illustrate these poignant words, the two artists shed light on a young man who, in order to escape her daily dark (like the movie), takes refuge in the music, such as Ninho and Soprano. They deliver truly open heart in their feat Musica.

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