Soprano burnt out “physically” and “psychologically” : he trusteth

Soprano épuisé "physiquement" et "psychologiquement" : il se confie

Soprano burnt out “physically” and “psychologically” : he trusteth

The year 2019 has been very intense for Soprano with his Phoenix Tour, which started in the month of march. It is not surprising that the rapper is exhausted, “physically” and “psychologically” : he entrusts himself to this subject in a lengthy message posted on Instagram. Let’s hope that 2020 is a bit more quiet for the interpreter of the tube The coach.

If there’s an artist who does not rest, it is Sopranos ! In addition to promoting his album, “Phoenix”, which included the hit singles life Is to love, Zoum in feat with Niska, our everyday heroes, Papa Sopra, Fragile, and Coach, he has embarked on a huge tour, which ended in December… before continuing with 7 new dates to the next summer. But in reality, the shows are far from over : “I’m leaving the United States in January and February, and then it was Asia, South America and then Europe for the festivals next summer, “said Soprano in Paris.

“I finished the year 2019 on the kneecaps”

With this hectic pace, the rapper from marseille has had no other choice than to leave his position of coach in The Voice. In short, this year has not been all rest for Soprano : “I finished the year 2019 on the ball physically and psychologically (to the point of having been ill half of my vacation). I had to cut myself from everything ( phone, work , music……..etc) and to be exclusively close to my family (who have so much suffered from my absence) to be able to take a step back on this extraordinary year 2019“, he says on Instagram.

Soprano track then the balance of her successful career : “I don’t make music for the trophies etc even though I have always wanted to succeed in music. My kiffe absolute has always been to share emotions by doing wholesale shows and see entire families to have fun, sing, cry, dance with me on the melodies of our lives (…) I would have never thought even in my wildest dreams , able to fill stadiums as a whole or be 4th personality the most beloved behind Jean-Jacques Goldman, or Omar sy. My 1st album is released in 2002 and it’s been almost 2 decades that my albums are at the top of the charts it is amazing to see in the public of people who have grown up with my music and who now share my music in the family.

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