SOS Ghosts 3 – The inheritance : Finn Wolfhard as ghostbuster in a trailer reassuring

SOS Ghosts 3 – The inheritance : Finn Wolfhard as ghostbuster in a trailer reassuring

The next summer, Finn Wolfhard will actually be in the shoes of a ghostbuster on the occasion of the film SOS Ghosts 3 – The legacy (Ghostbusters Afterlife in the original version). And judging from the trailer, we can expect a film especially cool, which will make a nice tribute to the saga of the 80’s.

SOS Ghosts 3 is revealed

While waiting to discover the season 4 of Stranger Things, Jason Reitman, we will propose Ghostbusters : Afterlife (or SOS Ghosts 3) to the cinema. The report with the original creation of Netflix ? In addition to finding the actor Finn Wolfhard (Mike), this new episode of the saga – that will truly office suite and not reboot as the film of 2016, will play with the same codes in the series.

Exit New York, up now to a small town lost in the heart of the USA. Forgot the gang of ghost hunters ultra savvy in their field, are now kids who will be in charge of the fight against these creatures. Fortunately, Ghostbusters : Afterlife will also have its own identity and, if you believe the trailer, this promises us already pretty moments on the screen.

A trailer that reassures

Thus, this new story will follow the family of one of the ghost hunters original visibly died (we focus on Egon after the death of Harold Ramis, his interpreter, in 2014), which will discover the hidden secrets of the latter at the same time that the ghosts will make their reappearance on Earth after a 30 year absence. A shock to the heroes, but also the opportunity for them to embrace with passion and madness, a destiny they could not have guessed possible.

Okay, the concept was not original, and the first extracts are not enough talkative to let us hope something more worked, but nevertheless, we can note the very beautiful plans (the one with the car in the fields), the winks that work and infectious energy.

SOS Ghosts 3 – The legacy will be released August 19 at the cinema.

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