Soul : Pixar to the discovery of the world of souls in his new animated film

Soul : Pixar to the discovery of the world of souls in his new animated film

Prepare your handkerchiefs, you will certainly need to discover Soul, the new Pixar film due in 2020 at the cinema. The reason for this ? According to the trailer, it should touch your heart and bring out your true soul.

Pixar is going to spoil us next year. In order to start this new decade, the studio will give us in effect two animated films : In the before and Soul. And if the first we will plunge into an adventure full of magic and surprises that should delight the young audience, the second should touch the heartstrings of adults who have kept their child’s soul.

Pixar explores the world of souls

In a first trailer online today, you will discover as well that this new story will follow Joe Gardner, a man in his fifties, finally ready to let it speak to his talent and love for music. He himself says in the video : “We are all travellers on this planet. You want to become the person that you are destined to be since birth ? So do not waste your time in useless stuff. Spend your time the most precious to do this to bring out the real you. This version brilliant, passionate, who is willing to give life to something important in this world“.

A strong message which should easily resonate in the hearts of an audience more mature, worn by a musical universe that was powerful where the jazz and the soul will have an important part. And of course, in order to make this speech at all, Pixar promises us a story as fantastic as it is unexpected with the exploration for real… the world of souls.

Soul will be released on the 24th of June 2020 at the cinema.

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