“Sound began to laugh in my face” singer TVORCHI about the scandal on the nation selection-2020

Jeffrey Kenny tried to interrupt the speech live

Anastasia Ocheretnyuk

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22 February in Ukraine was completed national selection for song contest “Eurovision-2020”, in which the winner of the group Go_A. This year has not done without scandals – the finalists of the show have accused organisers of incompetence. The reason for that was technical sound problems during the performance TVORCHI.

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Soloist Jeffrey Kenny said that he had heard in the headphones only your voice but not the music. Moreover, musicians will never take part in the National selection. The producer of the show Ruslan Kvinta said back – they had good equipment, they just don’t have enough experience.

A leading television channel “Ukraine” Anatoliy Anatolich in the program “ze Interviewer” talked with team members TVORCHI and asked them to talk in detail about what actually happened in the final of the national selection. According to Jeffrey, he never heard music so he was hard to hit the notes. Therefore, it seemed that the soloist of the problems with the vocals.

"Звукорежиссер начал смеяться мне в лицо": солист TVORCHI о скандале на Нацотборе-2020


“I was angry. We rehearsed a lot… And when I walked on stage, the sound engineer asked me to test the headphones. But then I could hear in them only what I was singing, without music. I was afraid that we repeat the same situation as in the semi-finals. When the music began on stage, I didn’t hear anything in the headphones and was not sure that they are in the right tone. I just heard your voice and nothing else. Wanted to shove the earphone deeper, because I thought I was just hard of hearing,” – said the soloist TVORCHI.

Find out the details behind the scenes of the final national selection for Eurovision 2020:

Sound producer Andrey Gutsulyak immediately realized that Jeffrey’s problem with sound. After the concert, the artists went to the man who was responsible for it.

“When we came in and said that we had sound issues, the Director began to laugh and make excuses: “I didn’t do anything”. Our management approached the producers of the show, but they said we have nothing to change. We realized that in these contests, not everything depends on us,” added Andrew.

Jeffrey even thought to stop the performance because of problems with the sound, but decided not to disrupt the air. His head spun just obscene language, and the sound engineer laughed in his face.

Earlier we told you how was the final of national selection for Eurovision 2020.

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"Звукорежиссер начал смеяться мне в лицо": солист TVORCHI о скандале на Нацотборе-2020

"Звукорежиссер начал смеяться мне в лицо": солист TVORCHI о скандале на Нацотборе-2020

"Звукорежиссер начал смеяться мне в лицо": солист TVORCHI о скандале на Нацотборе-2020

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