South korea: highest increase of cases of coronavirus in 7 weeks

Corée du Sud: plus forte augmentation de cas de coronavirus en 7 semaines

South Korea reported on Wednesday that the largest increase in the number of cases of coronavirus since seven weeks, following the occurrence of an outbreak of contamination in a warehouse on the outskirts of Seoul.

South Korea, which was for a time, the second is the most affected country in the world by the disease COVID-19, has been praised as a model for combating the epidemic.

The authorities have announced that 40 new cases reported on Wednesday, bringing to 11 265 the number of people infected by the new coronavirus.

Most of the cases tested positive have been identified in the urban area of Seoul, a very densely populated area.

This is the largest increase since the announcement, on 8 April, 53 new cases.

An outbreak of contagion, including 36 people, has been identified within a warehouse belonging to an e-commerce company, Coupang, located in Bucheon, a suburb of Seoul, according to the Centers Korean control and disease prevention (KCDC).

“It is suspected that the basic rules have not been imposed in the warehouse,” said the vice-minister of Health, Kim Gang-lip.

“If the quarantine regulations are not applied on the places of work, this could lead to a massive contamination “, he recalled.

South Korea began to ease restrictions it ordered to combat the sars coronavirus.

The museums and the churches were reopened while some professional sports have reverted to their season, including baseball and football, although the meetings are closed to the public.

On Wednesday, more than two million students have returned to school.

Seoul has managed to control the epidemic without imposing a containment general, thanks to a strategy that is very aggressive of tests within the population, and an adherence to very strict by the population of rules of social distancing.

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