South Korean police locate relative of children found dead in suitcases

South Korean police locate relative of children found dead in suitcases


A woman believed to be a relative of the two children whose remains were found in suitcases auctioned in New Zealand is in South Korea, Seoul police told AFP on Monday .

Last week, the New Zealand police announced that they had discovered the bodies of two children aged between five and ten in suitcases.

For this macabre discovery, a family had to buy a trailer loaded with items sold loose in a warehouse.

According to New Zealand police, the bodies had probably been kept for several years, making the investigation difficult.

South Korean police said on Monday that the ethnic Korean woman, believed to be a relative of the children, is currently in South Korea.

“We confirm that she is in South Korea and that she is a New Zealand national of Korean descent,” a South Korean police official told AFP.

She arrived in South Korea in 2018 and nothing has happened. 'indicates that she has since left the territory, he added.

“The New Zealand police are leading this investigation and we intend to cooperate at their request”, the official added.

Police are reviewing hours of surveillance video, but key moments may have been erased due to the long delay between the death and the discovery of the bodies.

The warehouse and property where the suitcases were taken were thoroughly examined by forensic scientists.

New Zealand authorities repeated last week that the family at the origin of the macabre discovery is not related to the death of the two children and was able to receive help to cope with this trauma.